Inner Turmoil Novel Series

Book 1 -Provenance

“They are about to create an attack dog that could potentially wipe out a nation. I’m asking you to hold the leash.”

Richard Ceress, a Canadian born child prodigy, is now a brilliant scientist in the field of Gene Augmentation. He has no idea how his genius will impact the world. Ceress would be compromising his morals if he accepts his first job as the lead scientist for a special project with United States Military.

This highly guarded research project is in the last stage of development of a serum to be used to enhance the abilities of specialized soldiers. His life erupts into chaos as he loses all contact with the outside world, including regrettably, the people he cared for the most; his parents and Madeleine, a loyal friend since childhood who always kept him grounded. He learns to trust the gentle, but lovely Dr. Jocelyn Triin, the resident psychiatrist, who unexpectedly attracts Richard’s attention amidst the chaos.

Richard is now a desired asset to other organizations and countries. As Demetri and his team work with Ceress to stay alive, they encounter more than one enemy on their tail. Ceress then faces his most daunting task. Can he stop the epidemic he helped create? Join Richard and his team in this, Dustin Henshaw’s debut novel, and the first entry of many in the Inner Turmoil Universe!

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ImagenotavailableBook 2 -Into the Night (In Production)

The second installment to the Inner Turmoil novel series is nearing completion! After the end of the first book, many people have already been bugging us to release the next installment so they can find out what happens next! Stay tuned as we slowly shed light on the next part of Demetri and Richard’s story!