Inner Turmoil

The Inner Turmoil universe is the first one to be made public by Crystal Nexus Entertainment, though it was actually the second to be created by our CEO Dustin Henshaw. It takes place in the not so distance future as though certain historic events in the early 2000’s went about differently. It’s a world in turmoil, where the super powers of the world have begun creating super soldiers to fight their wars for them. But the super soldiers have been created so powerful that nearly 95% of them have gone rogue. There are few that will fight against these rogue super soldiers, trying to stay the chaos spreading across the world because of mankind’s bid for power, and stop this plague of a serum from spreading any further before super soldiers run the world.

Crystal Nexus is proud to provide numerous games and stories that take place in this exciting war torn universe. It is one of our flagship products, and we intend to build this universe out so that we can not only share this story, but let our community and fans develop it with us.

Inner Turmoil Novel Series