About Us

Crystal Nexus Entertainment was founded officially in 2005 by it’s owner and current CEO Dustin Henshaw and President and CTO Haneef Kassam in Guelph Ontario. The company has unofficially been around since 1997 when it began designing table top RPGs (Role Playing Games) for sale in the local area. Since then we have grown gradually, bringing on high-quality talent to build out our games. We were originally focused solely on the development of top quality table top RPGs, and have over a dozen systems, of games in different genres, completely polished and thoroughly tested, in line to be published in the next few years. The company incorporated in 2012.

As time went on with a large local success in our table top RPGs, we turned our attention to a more globalized project, our first ever publicly available project. It was a browser based role playing game using a system from one of our successful table top games called Inner Turmoil. The project had a 0 budget and a team of 2 people running it, that quickly gained a following of over 100 people in the first month with over 3000 hits to the site. All of this at a time when online gaming was still trying to find its identity. The game was such a success that it ran for over 4 years.

Today we at Crystal Nexus Entertainment are very excited to be involved in many genres: novel writing, video games, and advertising (commercials and web sites). We develop our own products as well as partner with other companies to help them with their projects as well

If you would like to contact us for quotes and specific service information, you can use any of the methods described on the contact us page.

Thank you for your interest in Crystal Nexus Entertainment!